FFP2 (KN95/N95) Surgical Face Mask x 100pcs


Self-filtering Mask FFP2/KN 95/N95 ideal for use by the general
population and health professionals, as personal protective
equipment. Made of non-woven, non-woven melt-blown and
five-layer hot air non-woven. Easy-to-use mask with two elastics to
attach to the ears and adjustable to the nose with clip. Provides
comfort through breathable material that does not irritate the skin.
Waterproof mask. Non-reusable mask.Protection of the
surrounding environment from particles emitted by the mask user
and protection of the user from the surrounding particles through
BFE filtering capacity = 95% and TIL pressure differential = 8%.
Compliance with international standards EN149 + A1: 2009 (EUR)
or GB 2626-2006. Delivery time aprox. 1 week.


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